Manuscript Editing Service

Our service

We proofread, edit and revise scientific papers. Our standard cost per 1500 characters including spaces (approximately 300 words) is €12.50.

We do NOT offer a translation service. Sorry!

We work to tight deadlines and can generally edit your paper within 48-72 hours. Unlike other agencies, there is no extra cost for urgent work.

Because we speak Italian, we can spot mistakes in your English that no other manuscript editing service will find. Typical mistakes include: literal translations from Italian, incorrect word order, false friends, long contorted sentences …

We offer a highly personalized relationship with our clients, which includes the opportunity for you to ask for clarifications about our corrections. You can also write to us directly in Italian. We are also familiar with Italian bureacracy – DURC, tracciabilità, preventivi, fatturazione elettronica ecc – as we are part of the Italian system ourselves.

We will also help you to formulate your replies to the editor / referees in a diplomatic way that will significantly improve your chances of getting your manuscript published.

For an offer please contact: